Mitch Jackson
Mitch Jackson Attorney
Mike Bires shows small and large companies how to set up and do social media the right way. He and his team of experts will help you maximize the benefits and your chances of success.

If you're interested in expanding your online social media presence, talk to Mike. He'll help you find success and achieve long-term top of mind awareness of the digital platforms."
Donna Cayson
Donna Cayson Police Captain
As the 2018/2019 president of the Los Angeles County Chapter of the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement, I have had the opportunity to work with Mike and his team as they develop our online presence.

Mike has gone above and beyond what we expected in terms of helping us in areas we were unfamiliar with, such as email newsletter campaigns, branding, and social media trends. He has a definite pulse on the digital industry and we are both comfortable and confident in his vision for our organization. I would highly recommend Mike and his team!
Beatrice Rios
Beatrice Rios Owner - Athletic Cryo
I did what most law enforcement owned businesses do, and that is go with the cheapest website developer. When I came across Mike and his team, they quickly opened my eyes as to why not only my website, but my social media presence, was the most important to my marketing plan for my new business.

I challenge anyone out there to tell me if their web developer visited their business to get a feel for the business’ culture, climate, and vision, and attended their grand opening? Mike and his partner did, which solidified our loyalty to his business.